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What do all these problems have in common?

  • The technology transformation that fails to deliver benefits because underlying ways of working don’t change.
  • The process that people keep trying to improve but is still inexplicably slow or error-prone.
  • The operational risk that was supposed to have been resolved but just happened again.
  • The disruptive challenge that seems hard to respond to because everyone only sees it from the angle they understand.
  • The sustainability, employee engagement or other strategy that’s disconnected from the overall business strategy.

Organisations, the people who work in them and the world they operate in are all complex and entangled - yet management thinking is still stuck in yesterday’s paradigm of command and control, addicted to “best practice” and repeatable processes that might work when things are simple or well understood but don’t work in the most important real-life situations.

Technology can be a great enabler, but more data and tools haven’t made us any wiser. The answer isn’t more of the same.

See and act systemically for greater impact

I help leaders look truthfully at themselves, their teams and the whole organisation to figure out who they are, where they are and what they want to do next.

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